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What is LPG?

LPG stands for "liquefied petroleum gas" and is a hydrocarbon consisting mainly of a mix of propane and butane. LPG is obtained either from a petroleum refining process or directly extracted from deposits after separating from natural gas or petroleum. It is an excellent fuel for traction, being cheap and environment-friendly. LPG engines are much cleaner since they do not produce waste such as lead, benzene, sulphur - all totally absent in LPG. In fact the exhaust gases produce less than 15% carbon dioxide, less than 20% carbon monoxide and less than 60% other hydrocarbons than other fossil fuels. LPG is therefore so efficient that it also grants engine long life, reduces oil consumption and overall improves the quality of environment.

Government Scheme
Information and application form - http://gov.mt/en/Government/Government%20Gazette/

Scheme Extended as of 21st January 2014
>>> Gas conversion scheme extended (di-ve.com)
>>> Autogas conversion scheme extended (timesofmalta.com)
http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20140121/local/autogas-conversion- scheme-extended.503512#.Ut5R2s9wZtQ
>>> Biex aktar vetturi jahdmu bil-gass (tvm.com.mt)

Because Autogas is ECO friendly BOV is offering ECO personal loan with special interest rates. From the fuel cost savings the LPG Conversion will pay the finance monthly installments which on average the conversion is covered from the savings in one year.

  12 months 24 months 36 months
€1,000 €85.85 €44.11 €30.21
€1,200 €103.02 €52.93 €36.25
€1,300 €111.60 €57.34 €39.27

Terms and Conditions:
Minimum €500 – Maximum €40,000
Depending on loan amount and expected asset life.
Interest Rate
3.0% over the Bank’s Base Rate - BBR is presntlt 2.45%
Not required
Not required – facility may be granted for the full pro-forma invoice amount.
Processing Fees
General Conditions/ Procedures
Direct Credit of salary and a monthly Standing Order for the repayment of the loan are to be taken. Applicants under this scheme are to present a pro-forma invoice issued by the retailer. A Bill Payable for the amount of the loan sanctioned is to be issued in the name of the retailer and handed to customer.
Loans are subject to normal Bank lending criteria and final approval from BOV Branch. Terms and conditions apply. The term of the loan must not go beyond retirement age. Discounted rates and/or special conditions offered by the Bank under this product are always subject to the account being operated properly and the repayments effected regularly as agreed. In this respect, Branches should ensure that when accounts are not being operated properly and/or repayments are in arrears, the reduced interest benefit is forfeited and the interest rate on such accounts should be increased, even with penalty interest if required.
These repayments are calculated on a rate of 5.45%

Benefits of LPG

Greener and Cleaner
- Compared with petrol and diesel, LPG is the best environmental alternative.
- LPG is a low carbon content fuel that can reduce your carbon footprint.
- LPG produces fewer harmful emissions that impact on local air quality.
- Less damage to soil and water in case of spills since spills quickly evaporate and won't contaminate groundwater.

- Save around 40% compared with petrol.
- Possible Cheaper road tax for some vehicles.*
- Possible Discounts on any future Congestion Charges.*
* based on what is already happening in the UK!


How to calculate the savings accurately:
1. On a Monday morning fill the fuel tank full. Take a note of the mileage (ODOmeter). Put this value in 'Mileage 1'
2. After a normal use week again on Monday morning refuel the tank again to the full. Take a note of the mileage (ODOmeter). Put this value in 'Mileage 2'
3. Take a note of the cost of the fuel to fill the tank. Put this value in 'Cost to Fill Tank'

Mileage 1
Mileage 2
Cost to Fill Tank

Save around 40%
compared with petrol
and over 20% compared
with diesel on fuel costs.
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